Bear Creek Elementary

Principal's Message

 Dear Bear Creek Elementary Families,

The uniqueness of my current professional situation brings much excitement as I have been selected by the Austin Independent School District to open its first new AND modernized school which will represent the district’s vision for a reinvented and reimagined urban education experience.  I genuinely appreciate the faith and trust the district and the community is placing in my skills and abilities and I am eagerly anticipating my tenure as the first principal of Bear Creek Elementary. 

The upcoming months will include the following activities:

  • Completing a transition plan which outlines each step that is needed to be completed and which district department/staff members will participate in the successful completion of each action. The main focus of this plan is ultimately the successful transition of each student from Bernice Kiker and Timy Baranoff Elementary.  Every student and his/her family is an equal partner in our quest to create the most innovative and supportive school culture possible.  Your child’s social-emotional wellbeing is paramount to this end.
  • Completing a project design proposal which outlines the programmatic elements that will help develop the academic and social-emotional landscape of Bear Creek Elementary.
  • Working alongside the construction project managers and architects to ensure the timely completion of the project

We will do outstanding things together and create an unshakeable foundation for the future.  Together we will create efficient organizational structures, develop strong professional learning communities, and foster a culture where social-emotional learning is equally, if not more important, than academic skills all while increasing our student achievement in every area.

If you have questions, ideas, musings, or feedback as we develop our school culture please do not hesitate to contact me at

I have no doubt that with your involvement and support your children will achieve beyond any and all expectations.

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve our unique community and look forward to positive beginnings.

David Crissey